Service Robotics

MARSES is working in the service robots’ field for more than three years with a huge experience at designing & developing service robots. MARSES’ team built their experiences between implementing new robots, developing and integrating existing robots with international service robots’ companies. MARSES Service Branch is a pioneer branch dedicated to consumer robotics applied to companies, service or consumption (Business To Business).

Area of Focus

Event Industry

Enriching your event with Robotics solution, making it memorial, providing both your attendee and exhibitors new added value with our solution. Starting from the marketing solution options on your event floor till the live media production.

Hospitality ​

Robotics in hospitality is becoming more and more prevalent, aimed at improving guests’ experience. How is this being achieved? Across the world, the use of robotics in hospitality is commonplace.

Marketing & Advertising

Robots now are a part of our daily life; you can use it at every single moment in your life to make it easier & more comfortable. MARSES believe that Robots for life. Currently in that field, we have to build communication plans based on (Email, Text, Website, Apps, Banners or TV Commercials); what if there is a robot that responds, evolves and reacts to people in real time, wouldn't be that an attractive idea?

Defense & Security

With a powerful outdoor control system and the tough mechanical design, comes the power of the Defense & Security Branch for MARSES. With the continues outdoor missions which required not only a very accurate control system but also a tough mechanical design, All MARSES defense & Security Robots will support you doing the required mission with the minimal time and less effort.



Duet is the personification of our robot as a service (RaaS) strategy.


MARSES is the System Partner Company to LINKWHERE at The MENA Region.


Cyborg Robots with its artificial control system now can deal automatically at the Tough Environment.


The GiveAways Robot is a Semi-autonomous delivery robot for busy places people work, live, and play.


SelfiBot Robots mainly cover Events, Exhibitions, Tradeshows & conferences to capture the special moments of the visitors and make it memorable.


Duet is a friendly interactive robot with a humanoid feature that can be used for both Hospitality & Promotion usage.
Duet has the ability to hold & deliver objects to the clients as well as promote your products & Brands in an innovative interactive way.


Live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting Robots are a new trend to attend Global Exhibitions, Events, Trade Shows & Trade Fairs from your place. No more traveling cost. You can feel the closer experience of the real attendance to your desired Events.

Linkwhere Robot

Linkwhere is the world’s first Live Broadcasting Interactive Robot which manufactured by Linkwhere. Linkwhere Robot enables you not only to attend the Worldwide Exhibitions but also interact with the exhibitors through Linkwhere Web / Mobile application. 

Who Will Use

If you are a visitor, you can create an account at Linkwhere application, choose the event, then attend it easily.

If you are an event organizer, you can hire the Robot to broadcast your event through linkwhere platform or your social media channels so you can increase the attendees’ numbers from all over the world.

Linkwhere live Broadcasting Service

Services For exhibitors


  • As one of the cyborg family ,Cyborg 00C one of the heavy and tough working conditions defense and security Robot up to  75 kg payload and 4 degree of freedom manipulator.
  • Cyborg 00C has the ability for working in all the rough, slipped ,dry and wet environments with the very powerful traction units ,Cyborg 00C can maneuver   in all the normal an abnormal working environments , with the thanks of the high torque drive motors Cyborg 00C can not only left a load up to 75 KG but also can pull/Push a weight up to 300 KG which give the robot the power to be ready on the field ,whatever the required mission  Cyborg 00C will always be ready.
  • Through the full edges monitoring cameras Cyborg 00C able to see and detect all the obstacles and the working field, with an day/ Night vision main camera, Cyborg extend it is mission over day and night.

GiveAways Robot

  • The GiveAways Robot is a Semi-autonomous delivery robot for busy places people work, live, and play. Able to operate and navigate around obstacles, It works alongside people in diverse and dynamic environments such as logistics, hotels, hospitals, Conferences and Exhibitions.
  • The Robot Can Be used to handle all your marketing materials in
    a specific Event, The Robot has the ability to move through the visitors and immediately stopped when someone pass by it and handle whatever it has to him.
  • The Robot consider as new marketing tool which will enrich your exhibition and make it completely different, It Can Be Use to your main Sponsors as a part of the sponsorship Package and it will give it a great Impact.
  • Through the 10 Inch Touch front screen the robot can be used also to collect Feedback, taking reviews or make a survey, It can be a great tool, because the robot itself is a catchy tool.
  • Through the Automatic Chatting system (Texting & Audio) the Robot can consider as Registration Desk & Data collecting tool.  
  • During it is movement through the exhibition the robot has it 19 Inch Back Screen which of course be used to hold Ads, Sponsors Logos and So on.


  • It is a Mobile-Moving- Robot taking pictures of anyone, Moments and Objects by Recognition Technology using different devices and applications.
  • SelfiBot Robots mainly cover (Events, Exhibitions, Tradeshows & conferences) to capture the special moments of the visitors and make it memorable.
  • It could be used also as an innovative marketing tool to highlight new features of specific products or devices such as (Mobiles, Tablets, IPads, Cameras, Screens) or any device have a selfie captions feature.
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