Industrial Robotics

With the great Ex Robotics manufacturer team MARSES Plan to lead the Integration Industrial Robotics Filed in the Region with the Focus of a specific Solutions which haven High demand now in our markets.

MARSES with it is lead team focus on the Welding, Pick&Place, Palletizing and Machine tending applications, with a ready on shelf solutions we offer our clients the most optimum, efficient, cost-effective solutions.


MARSES Work as A System Partner for ABB Robotics, Using ABB Robotics As one of the top leads manufacturers in the robotics market, Support MARSES with all the variety which our customers are looking for, with the huge products range of ABB Robots and the High End used technology MARSES able to support whatever the Requirements Go.

Industrial Solutions

Welding Solutions

In today’s faster, cost squeezed manufacturing environments, you face a lot of requirements. MARSES will provide you with the right welding solutions that meets your specifications, no matter what your challenges are.
Optimal productivity calls for equipment that combines effective operation with maximum cost-efficiency. Modular, standardized robot cells are an established way of providing this kind of optimized solution for robotic arc welding operations since they are far more cost-effective than custom-designed welding cells.

Palletizing Solutions

MARSES Robotic Palletizing solution is the ideal choice if you are looking for customized, reliable, flexible, small footprint, handle different SKU’s, mixed SKU’s, …. Moreover, many other benefits. Placing boxes, trays, bags, bottles or other items on a pallet seems easy enough. However, when you need to meet the most rigorous demands in terms of speed, care of handling, pallet patterns, stability, precision and cycle time, nothing compares to a robot-based automation solution from ABB via MARSES Systems.

Pick & Place Solutions

Pick & Palce solution or (Packaging) can increase your production, reduce footprint and it’s unbelievable flexible to handle different layout limitations, and it’s one of the easiest application and most popular ones. Robot-based automation ensures you get the flexibility, productivity, and reliability you need to meet ever shorter product life-cycles, new packaging designs, multiple pack sizes, product variants, and batch manufacturing.

Material Handling Solutions

MARSES play a key role in integrating existing equipment with new capabilities and solution to help you improving the overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

 MARSES understand the importance of your production line and machines efficiency
and availability and the value from reducing the idle time between processes.



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